Baja Custom Tours offers incredible small group tours to one of the most unique and still unspoiled places on the planet.

Tour guide and owner, Mike Essary, is a life-long explorer of Baja California.  Starting with family trips and a casa in San Felipe in the 70’s, Mike has driven-flown-boated almost all of the Baja Peninsula.  Scary, but Mike has driven over 500,000 miles in Baja over the years – and still enjoys it 😊

Because each tour is limited to no more than 9 clients per van, each client’s interests can be addressed and their expectations will be fulfilled. Your tour will become an exciting venture with a group of adventurous friends!  Most of our clients have remained in contact with us and each other and many have returned with friends and families to share this wonderful adventure!

Baja Custom Tours visits various lagoons in southern Baja to see the amazing California Gray Whales in their winter home. These trips offer the adventure of interacting with these incredible intelligent creatures in their historical breeding homes. The area abounds with sea mammals including dolphins and sea lions as well as birds of great diversity. We also travel by van to the remote interior Baja desert country, the beautiful Sea of Cortez, smaller Baja pueblas, and the majestic mountains of the Sierra de San Pedro Martir.

Co-guide Anahi Bermudez was born and raised in Mexico. An Oceanographer and nature lover, she loves to do all kinds of outdoor sports like hiking, kayaking, swimming, diving, etc. She does scientific research at CICESE in Ensenada, B.C. where she lives and is happy to answer all your questions about the ocean and all of it’s inhabitants. She loves to travel and explore new places in Baja and she has been part of BCT for the past 5 years. Along with Mike, she will help the group with any needs making sure everyone enjoys the tour and providing unique experiences with the Sea and it’s life!

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Refunds will be given on all tours cancelled by COVID 19 restrictions and closures